Someone Is Trolling A German Lawyer By Sending His Office Hundreds Of Pizzas

When I first heard the plight of Guido Grolle, a lawyer from Dortmund, Germany, who's being delivered hundreds of pizzas, sushi, and sausage, I said a quick prayer for a Trading Places-type miracle. But Mr. Grolle does not find his predicament amusing.

According to the Associated Press, he filed charges in January citing the overwhelming and unwanted food deliveries to his office; still, he has no idea who is placing the orders. Grolle tells the AP "it's so irritating, I don't even get my work done anymore."

A crucial detail the AP does not report is whether the pizzas are prepaid, or whether Grolle is forced to reject the delivery each time. Part of me feels guilty for calling further attention to Grolle, a private citizen who seems not to enjoy this recent international attention. On the other hand, I can't feel too sorry for a dude who's neck-deep in pizza.