Somebody Feed Phil To Feed Phil For A 2nd Season

Netflix is making a lot of shows available lately for the binge-ready food fan: Ugly Delicious, Chef's Table, Nailed It!, The Great British Baking Show. But one of the sweetest offerings in the Netflix lineup is Somebody Feed Phil, as comedy vet Phil Rosenthal travels the globe trying various foods and wins over nearly everyone he meets. Takeout editor Kevin Pang called the series the "most joyful food show on TV," saying that "Rosenthal can't help but defuse awkward situations and language barriers with G-rated one-liners. And even if his cracks fly over the locals' head, Rosenthal emanates impishness and joy, and that translates in any language."

Netflix agrees, so a second season will now debut on July 6. To make this official announcement, Rosenthal Skypes in his parents to tell them the news; his father queries, "And people actually watch this?" Apparently so! This season's six episodes will include visits to Buenos Aires, Venice, and Copenhagen—but no matter where Rosenthal lands, he's bound to charm everyone within earshot.