Somali Militant Group Bans Samosas For Being Too Christian

Samosas! They're stuffed with a filling potatoes, lentils, or meats, fried in hot oil, irresistibly snackable, and deeply offensive.

This story comes to us from the Daily Mail, which reports that in militant-held regions of Somalia, the extremist group al-Shabaab has proclaimed—via loudspeakers mounted to vehicles—that this delicious snack shall henceforth be banned from sale or consumption. Samosas are, in the words of al-Shabaab, "offensive."

Their reason for offense? The triangular shaped of the snack (it's known as samboosas in the Horn of Africa) resembles the symbol of Christianity's Holy Trinity, which does not comport with the group's extreme interpretation of Islam.

Their loss. Samosas are fucking rad.