British Soccer Team Updates Uniforms To Feature Sausages And Peas

The Takeout has precious few sports allegiances. Just two, actually: We shit on Tom Brady, and we love Bedale AFC soccer.

Our support of the latter has nothing to do with the actual team, its players, or their athletic performance. No, it has solely to do with the team's sausage-centric uniforms, or "kits" as they're called overseas.


Last year, we applauded the team's photo-realistic hot dog uniforms emblazoned with the word "HECK," which is actually the name of its sponsor, a U.K. food company, and sadly not a @dogrates reference.

We didn't think Bedale AFC could top last year's hot dogs—except with mustard, badabing!—but it has:

The bangers and mash theme is both colorful and patriotic. We especially love the peas-on-sleeves detail.

If you'd like to sport some of this Bedale AFC swag for yourself, it's available via the team's online shop, with 25% of every purchase going toward prostate cancer research. This month's Takeout expense reports are about to get interesting.