Finally, Snoop Dogg Gets Into The Hot Dogg Game

It's a branding opportunity that makes so much sense, we have to show appreciation.

At this point there are so many celebrity brands out there, that it's easy to gloss over when hearing about them. The onslaught of alcohol brands alone inspires a big old "who cares?" every time a press release about the latest food and beverage collab with a superstar slides into my inbox. But sometimes there's a pairing that makes so much sense, that brings us such delight, that we can't help but sit up and pay attention. And so with a nice slow clap of appreciation may we present to you, Snoop Doggs.

That's right—the hip-hop legend is apparently getting into the hot dog game, Billboard reports. While Snoop himself hasn't made any kind of official announcement, last month his attorneys applied for a federal trademark registration on the term "Snoop Doggs" with the understanding that it will be used to sell hot dogs and other sausages.

Still, this doesn't mean it's a completely done deal; back in 2011, a trademark registration was filed for "Snoops Scoops" and we have yet to see any ice cream. But since then, Snoop has proven himself to be a bit more of an entrepreneur, with his own lines of weed and gin, not to mention collaborations with 19 Crimes wine and Jack in the Box, plus his very own cookbook.

While the branding seems obvious in name alone, it might surprise some folks who remember Snoop Dogg's 2016 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During that episode, Snoop found out what's actually in the all-American cookout staple and enthusiastically claimed, "I ain't never eating a mother fucking hot dog again." This just proves to me that he's spent the years since trying to build a better sausage, and whatever he puts out will be better than the standard fare. I trust Snoop completely with this venture. As he said while answering The Takeout's infamous hot dog question: "The Boss Dogg knows every type of dog."