Snacking On Leftover Marijuana Chocolates Sends 2 Vermont Hotel Employees To The Hospital

Speaking as former servers and hotel employees, we Takeout writers completely understand why some Vermont hotel workers were stoked to find an uneaten box of fancy-looking chocolates in a recently vacated room. We've been there: Working long shifts, not making a ton of money, grateful for any little snack that comes your way in the course of your work. But there was a twist to the candies the two Shelburne Farms employees consumed: They were high-potency edible marijuana chocolates.

USA Today reports the chocolates made the two employees so sick that they were taken to an area hospital—one was found sprawled out on the inn's driveway. The chocolates had apparently been removed from their original packaging, and there was nothing to indicate they contained anything other than wholesome cocoa and sugar.

The two hotel guests who left the edibles will not face criminal charges, according to Shelburne police officer Joshua Flore. Still, this was surely a terrifying incident for the unsuspecting inn workers who thought they were just going to enjoy a little midday truffle. As more states move to loosen laws surrounding medical and recreational marijuana, it bears emphasis that consumers of such products not leave unmarked edibles in situations where they could be mistaken for food by other adults, or heaven forbid, children. Keep that stuff under lock and key, or throw it away at the end of your party if you don't want it to tempt others.