Smiling Meat Face Appears In Bag Of Frozen Aldi Sausage

When you open a bag of frozen sausage, you don't expect that sausage to have an emotion, a personality. You expect it to be sausage, an edible and decidedly inanimate product. But a 28-year-old mother from the English town of Swindon had a different experience.

Fran Webster reportedly opened the bag Monday evening in preparation to make a casserole for her family. So far so good. As she removed the frozen sausages from the bag, she found something she hadn't expected: a smiling meat face.

The BBC spoke to Webster, who says it tumbled from the bag like a "lump."

"It looked just like a round thing at first and it wasn't until I turned it over and there was this face looking at me."

See more photos of it here. Webster says her daughters thought it was "awesome" but she has some concerns about how the smiling meat face ended up in the bags of sausages in the first place. What's even stranger is that the sausages advertised on the bag appear to be bangers-style, not sausage patties, making the smiling meat-face disk even weirder. We share her suspicion that an employee at the sausage factory was very, very bored one day. (This is the rare instance in which, actually, we would like to know how the sausage gets made.) Perhaps what she's holding in these images is in fact the prototype for some larger, more detailed smiling-meat-face art? Girl With A Meatball Earring?

Ultimately, Webster did not cook the sausage. Aldi reportedly offered her a refund and told the BBC it is working with its sausage supplier to find the source of the smiling meat face. Webster said the refund isn't what she was after:

"Apparently it resembles my face but it's cheered so many people up and that's why I wanted to share it really."