Skyline Makes Its Chili Even Less Photogenic For St. Patrick's Day

Skyline Chili is not built for Instagram. Its comforting, cinnamon-flecked deliciousness is completely lost in translation to a visual medium, where its globular mass at best resembles raccoon vomit.

So it is quite a feat that the Cincinnati-based chili company has created an even less visually appealing version of its signature chili-covered spaghetti: Green-Way, the annual St. Patrick's Day promotion that swaps green spaghetti for regular noodles, is back for another year. The special will be available only on March 17 at participating locations.

Customers can also order 3-Way (with cheese), 4-Way (with cheese and onions or beans), and 5-Way (with cheese, onions, and beans) versions of the green noodles, which help by hiding the brown chili behind an appetizing cheddar Everest.

I feel the entire Cincinnati diaspora sharpening its pitchforks, so I'd like to state for the record that I enjoy Skyline Chili. My college roommate from Loveland, Ohio, almost blew my drunken mind when she opened a can of the stuff and made Skyline dip for us after a night at the bars. But come on, this food is not winning beauty pageants.

And that's okay! Skyline tastes so good, it doesn't need to look even remotely enticing. Those who know, know.