Sioux Falls Mayor Sticks Up For Waitress Who Received 1.8-Percent Tip

We can only imagine what Salty Waitress would have to say about this: A 19-year-old server in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was shocked Sunday when she received a $1 tip on a $55.50 tab, as well as an extremely rude note alongside it.

The bar where she works, Shenanigan's, posted a photo of the receipt to Twitter, noting that the server, Brooke H., is young and working her way through college: "Grow a pair," it concludes.

The tweet has garnered Brooke plenty of support, including an offer to PayPal her to compensate for the 1.8-percent tip. One of the most notable messages of support came from Sioux Falls mayor Paul Ted Haken, who tweeted in part that "This stinks and is not Sioux Falls." A Twitter account that appears to be that of the server, Brooke Heinen, responded: "I appreciate the kind words; it means so much to me!"

Heinen told the Argus Leader she has no idea why the table wrote a rude message and left her such a meager tip. She told the paper the patrons were there to watch the Dallas Cowboys game, and playfully teased her about being a Vikings fan.

"And I think what hurt the most was that they were such kind people," she said. "I don't know what went wrong."

Heinen said she's grateful the bar—and the town's mayor—stuck up for her. Yet another reason today's Salty Waitress column should be required reading.