Silkworm Pupae, Fermented Duck Eggs, And The Return Of Chang

It's been a long time since the retirement of Internet Eating Sensation Dave Chang, who left the employ of Onion Inc. several years ago after finding his way into your hearts via his stomach. Chang was an important part of our Taste Tests for a while, because he would eat just about anything we put in front of him—then shrug and say, "What's the big deal?" Over the years, we watched him eat pickled pig lips, a massive Toblerone bar, and, gloriously, an entire chicken in a can. He even once met illustrious commenter ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER and ate some military-style MREs.

Chang headed off to Asia for a new career (seriously), and we hadn't seen him for a while. So when he told us he was coming back for a visit, Marah tracked down some horrific-looking items at the Asian market—canned silkworm pupae and a package of "century eggs," a.k.a. fermented duck eggs. Chang, naturally, was up to the challenge. First we filled his stomach with delicious Hot Doug's sausages, then we brought him into the new-and-improved A.V. Club Test Kitchen to eat this stuff.

We actually had a couple of brave souls that joined Chang for this Taste Test, specifically Sonia, who was brave enough to eat a tiny bite of the egg, and David, who was afraid of the egg but more than happy to gulp down a silkworm pupa. The verdict, for the most part—not that bad. Alas. For those looking for something extra disgusting that recalls the glory days of IES Chang, though, make sure you watch the third video. Enjoy.

Video #1: Re-introducing The Chang and eating fermented eggs

Video #2: Silkworm pupae, and attendant juices

Video #3: Vodka-assisted bonus track