Silk Introduces Insufferably/excellently Named Oat Milk

Silk, "America's No. 1 plant-based milk brand," has entered the oak milk fray like the Kool-Aid Man.

No, the company didn't burst through a wall, but it does have the "Oh, yeah!" thing down. Silk announces Oat Yeah oat milk, a Non-GMO Project verified and Vegan Action certified product that is a dairy-free alternative made from oats. According to a press release, Oat Yeah is a dairy-, soy-, and cholesterol-free zone, is made without artificial colors or flavors, and possesses a "creamy texture and delicious taste [that] will have you shouting, 'oat yeah!'"


Oat Yeah. Inquiring minds want to know: Best name? Worst name? Worst-best name? Are we just grumpy because we didn't get to come up with it ourselves?

Oat Yeah (OAT YEAH!) currently comes in three flavors—"The Plain One," "The Vanilla One," and "The Chocolate One"—and will set you back $4.49 (suggested retail price) at places like Target, Walmart, and Publix. Oat milk fans, have at it, but please don't enter through a wall.