Why Hundreds Of Breweries All Plan To Make The Exact Same IPA

Normally, craft brewers focus on differentiation, standing out from the crowd, and brewing beers unlike anyone else's. But as of this week, more than 400 breweries around the country have pledged to all brew the exact same IPA recipe—for a good cause.

We've previously reported on Chico, California brewery Sierra Nevada's efforts to raise funds for people devastated by the Camp and Woolsey fires. Sierra Nevada's brewery was itself almost in the Camp fire's path; it reportedly displaced 10 percent of the brewery's workforce.

To further raise funds for fire relief, Sierra Nevada has created an IPA called Resilience IPA, with 100 percent of sales going to the Camp Fire fund. The brewery's founder, Ken Grossman, then called on every brewery in America to brew the same beer, providing the recipe for Resilience so others could replicate it and donate further proceeds to the fund. Malt and hop suppliers have also said they will donate raw ingredients for the brewing of this beer.

More than 400 breweries have signed on as of this week, according to craftbeer.com. Sierra Nevada will begin brewing 2,000 barrels of Resilience (almost 500,000 pints) on November 27, so-called "Giving Tuesday," with the goal of having this beer on shelves by early 2019. Keep an eye on Sierra Nevada's still-updating list of participating breweries to find one brewing Resilience near you.