Shit Got Weird During The Jack In The Box Mascot's Reddit AMA

Reddit "Ask Me Anythings" are a chance for the internet's everymen to lob insults and bizarro questions at famous people—or sometimes they're just marketing schemes in the form of a Q&A. The recent AMA with Jack, the creepy-because-he's-always-smiling Jack In The Box mascot, was a mix of both: part publicity for the chain, part bizarre anthropomorphizing mascot we wish we could unread. Here are the strangest things we learned:


Jack isn’t romantically attracted to food

Really glad he cleared that one up.

Some guy wants to annoy his wife with an oil painting of Jack

Even if this is a joke, where did Gmangr81 come up with this idea? The internet is a strange place.

Jack makes a joke about blowing up a bunch of people

I always found this commercial bizarre in the first place, and it's even weirder when Jack jokes about it like it's a real thing:

Jack addresses the time E. coli from his burgers killed four kids

One of the most contentious parts of the AMA came when commenters asked about the 1993 E. coli outbreak at dozens of western Jack In The Box stores. The outbreak was linked to contaminated beef patties; it sickened hundreds and killed four children. It looked like Reddit moderators were deleting these questions, but finally Jack addressed them in a weirdly somber moment in between talk of breakfast sandwiches and curly fries:


Jack talks about potatoes with hands

A commenter asked if Jack In The Box could turn him into a curly fry, natch.

And he loves birds with arms

I'm going to just... leave this here because I can't follow this thread any further.