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Share This Golden Girls Cereal With A Pal Or A Confidante

One brief bright spot over the past few years has been the overdue appreciation for the classic sitcom Golden Girls. Do the ladies deserve their own board game? Absolutely. Should a gay male reboot be in the works called Silver Foxes? You bet. What if we gave them their own breakfast cereal? Hey, why not?

Huffington Post reports on the release of the limited edition Golden Girls cereal, which went online on September 30 at Target. The box appears to be Funko-related, with the brand on the box announcing it as "multigrain cereal" that's a "tasty treat, fun to eat!" We don't know why Dorothy looks so cross or Rose looks so worried on the box, but it's nice to see our Girls all together again, even if just in Funko form.

My friend Aitor says that he found the Golden Girls cereal at the local Target for $7 and that it tasted like "blue circles," which is exactly what it looks like. When I asked him to elaborate, he said the taste was hard [like Sophia], crunchy [like Blanche], somewhat glazed [like Rose]? The flavor of the deep blue color tastes "fruity somewhat like Fruit Loops but not as distinctive." The box did come with a tiny Funko Pop of Rose, though.

Never mind what it tastes like: If you are desperate for this cereal like we are, you may be able to tweet at AskTarget directly to find out if Golden Girls cereal is available in your area, until all these limited edition supplies inevitably quickly run out.