Shake Shack Moving To Biodegradable Straws (But Not Soggy Paper Ones)

Soon, all U.S. Shake Shacks will eschew the standard straw in service of sustainability, instead importing boxes of biodegradable yet acceptable alternatives. That's all I've got, no more intentional alliteration, I solemnly swear.

This week, the company announced that all domestic Shacks will move on from the plastic straws of yesteryear, switching to a plant-based alternative. In an email to The Takeout, a representative for the company confirmed that the new straws would be biodegradable, a trait they will share with the cups used for the chain's shakes and beers. There's no word on when this initiative will be rolled out.

Disability rights advocates have argued that many plastic straw alternatives simply won't work for people who rely on plastic straws daily, but if the Shake Shack use a material similar to that being used in some biodegradable cups, it's possible that they may even check that box.

As Portland's The Oregonian restaurant critic (and The Takeout contributor) Michael Russell wrote: "Death to soggy paper straws."

Somewhere, a Congressman is grumpy.