Shake Shack Fan's Shoutout To The Chefs Goes Viral

Maybe we're all just beaten down by too much negativity lately, so ready are we to cling to any narrow glimpse of light in the darkness. Otherwise, we're stumped as to why this particular video has gone so very viral: A young man complimenting the fine cooks at Shake Shack for his excellent burger. Time even called it "the hot new viral video" this morning.

At first, it's not sure what the guy is after, as he demands to know who made his burger. But after he discovers from the other Shake Shack employees that it was "Jason and Mike," he announces, "Jason, you're killin' it, man. Mike too!" And the crowd goes wild.

Anyone who's ever worked in food service knows that it can often suck, so any positive reinforcement is always welcome. This embarrasses my family sometimes, but if we've had a really nice or helpful server, I'll usually hunt down the restaurant manager to let them know (in addition to leaving a generous tip, of course), in the hopes that the good karma will keep on rolling.

So for whatever reason, it's a little surprising but more than heartening that this particular few-seconds video has received so many views so far. Taking the time to look for and give props to Jason and Mike for a delicious Shake Shack burger is a good example for us all to follow.