Sexy-Cow-Logo Ice Cream Shop Owner Blames "Radical Liberals" For Store Failure

Welp, if you were hoping to visit Montclair, New Jersey to check out Dairy Air (ha), the ice cream shop with the controversial logo featuring a sexy cow's butt, you're too late. After a full year of being open (and enduring the ensuing controversy), owner Anthony Tortoriello announces that the shop is now closing. You won't have his cow's butt to kick around anymore, Montclair.

As we said when we first reported on this story last December—yes, there are many more important controversies to focus on than a sexy cartoon cow butt. It's an ice cream store. Who really cares what the logo is? But some Montclair residents protested (possibly since an ice cream parlor seems like a logical place to take children), calling the detailed cow butt logo "offensive and sickening," reports the North Jersey Leader.

Tortoriello had promised to revise the logo after community protests, but failed to do so, claiming rebranding would be too expensive. The North Jersey Leader points out that the building's landlord, Joe Wang, "attributed the closing of Dairy Air to its business hours," as it was open only Thursday through Sunday every week; "They couldn't pay the rent with their limited hours" in the pricey area of Montclair.

Tortoriello, though, points to the liberals as the cause of his business going under. Specifically, "extremist radical liberals," as the NJL reports, who "were on a crusade to destroy my business and my life... I was totally berated and accused of being a woman-hater. It was nonstop harassment; it never ended." Tortoriello announces that he has now retired, the sexy cow logo now lost to the ether of failed ice cream mascot history.