Senator Marco Rubio Takes Time Out From His Busy Schedule To Defend Chick-Fil-A

Our president is sucking up to a murderous dictator; Florida recently had a devastating multi-fatality school shooting; and children are being ripped away from their parents at America's border. So, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, you must have a lot of issues to juggle—what's at the top of your agenda?



As The Daily Dot reports, earlier this week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted his glee over a three-dollar discount he received at Chick-Fil-A (which is odd in and of itself, as we imagine at home he just flops around on the giant bean bags of money he uses as furniture). He was called out by journalist Soledad O'Brien, who pointed out that having the head of Twitter push that particular company during Pride month was an "interesting" choice, since, as the DD points out, "The CEO of the fast food company has notorious anti-gay marriage views, and the company has donated to anti-gay rights groups." Dorsey responded, "You're right. Completely forgot about their background."


Republican senator Rubio was apparently so incensed by this online exchange that he took the opportunity to rant against the "PC police" in a campaign email to his constituents (in a year that he is not up for reelection):

In the email, Rubio goes off on "politically correct lunacy"—oh this is lunacy, all right. (Dorsey didn't even really apologize.) Rubio then asks his recipients to show their support for Chick-Fil-A by adding their name. What good that will possibly do, no one is really sure. Too bad it's not his re-election year.