Scarlett Johansson's Thanksgiving Was Saved By Bobby Flay

Scarlett Johansson, an A-list movie star who could easily afford to get her Thanksgiving dinner catered by Popeyes, likes to do things more traditionally. During an appearance on Live With Kelly & Ryan this week, Johansson shared that not only does she cook Thanksgiving dinner every year, she also has kitchen mishaps just like everyone else. And when disaster strikes, she has a "secret sauce" cooking hack to save the day: she FaceTimes Bobby Flay.

Normally Johansson splits Thanksgiving cooking duties with her sister, but this year she decided to give her "super pregnant" sibling a break and tackled making a sit-down dinner for 13 people all by herself. She quickly discovered that the reason most Americans only eat a full turkey dinner once a year is because cooking for that big a crowd is a torturous experience that, like childbirth, most people block out of their memory so that they may have the strength to do it all over again 364 days later.

"Honestly, I need a full vacation from that Thanksgiving meal," she said. The dish that finally broke her? The gravy, which caused her to have a "full-blown panic attack."

"I'm friends with Bobby Flay, and so I did FaceTime him over the gravy—sorry, Bobby, I'm blowing up your spot," she joked. "I didn't want to throw that out there... but yeah, Bobby Flay actually did help me figure out the gravy."

Johansson also expressed disappointment that, after her 48 hours of backbreaking labor in the kitchen, the hallowed tradition of eating Thanksgiving dinner took only 25 minutes and was incredibly boring.

"No one was talking, everybody was just eating greedily—all you could hear was, like, chewing and smacking," she recalled.

Asked if she'll make Thanksgiving dinner again, Johansson says she will, because she has no choice. "Thanksgiving comes every year!" she said. "It's relentless!" Maybe next year she'll decide to host a Thanksgiving that's a bit more fun (and delicious) and submit to the brilliance that is Snacksgiving.