Scarecrow's Pumpkin Butt Too Thicc For Georgia Neighbors

Every autumn for the past 10 years, Mike O'Neill of Sandy Springs, Georgia has erected a cheeky seasonal scarecrow on his front lawn. Dressed in a chic button-down shirt and faded blue jeans, the scarecrow makes use of three pumpkins to celebrate the fall season: one giant pumpkin for his head, and two small, round, and very voluptuous pumpkins for his butt. "Pumpkin Man," as he is called by locals, is posed so that he is mooning the neighborhood, which seems to be warranted as the members of his homeowners association are a bunch of fuddy-duddy jerks who don't know the meaning of fun.

This year, the Grogan Bluff neighborhood homeowners association instructed O'Neill to remove Pumpkin Man, saying that new neighbors with small children had been filing complaints and claiming it was offensive.

"It was suppose to break up the monotony of life, just make people laugh and have a little fun," O'Neill told CBS affiliate WGCL.

O'Neill did not take Pumpkin Man down, because that would just be cruel to a sweet old scarecrow that wanted nothing to bring joy and happiness to the world. Instead, he found a creative solution, which we applaud. Well done, Mike O'Neill. The Takeout salutes you.