Say Hello To The Takeout's New Editor-In-Chief

Today, the 692nd day of The Takeout's existence, is the most exciting day in site history since Day 1. I am happy to announce The Takeout's new Overlord, and she will be a familiar name to readers.

Please say hello to Marnie Shure, who will officially take over as Editor-in-Chief on Oct. 21. Marnie has long anchored The Takeout's award-eligible candy coverage, and she's written some of my favorite stories on the site: On the joys of church cookbooks, on maximizing the Midwesterness of your dinner parties, and the simple pleasures of the plain, unadorned hot dog.

There's no person I'd rather see in this role than Marnie, who will continue The Takeout's spirit of celebrating foods both high and low. She—alongside Kate Bernot, Aimee Levitt, Allison Robicelli, and our cracker jack staff of contributors—will build on the site you know and love. Please send all your fuzzy cosmic vibes their way.