TIL There's A Sausage Hotel In Germany

Do you have a favorite food? Whatever it is, do you possibly love it so much that you would craft an entire tourist destination around it? Meet fourth-generation German butcher Claus Boebel, who has created the sausage-themed Boebel Bratwurst Bed And Breakfast in the small village of Rittersbach, near Nuremberg.

Sausages are not only on the menu in the seven-room B&B: They decorate the wallpaper and appear in cushion form on the beds. There are sausage-shaped soaps and sausages that hang on the walls.

If you want to take your sausage love to an edible level, Boebel offers specialty sausages and cooking courses. He tells CNN, "I called it 'Wurst-arant'—because I serve only bratwurst in this restaurant in many different styles... I serve many different styles of bratwurst with chili, with horseradish, or with chocolate or coffee inside."

Boebel admits that Rittersbach is not much of a tourist destination, but hopes that the hotel will help make the town a draw (although his marketing efforts may need some help; we couldn't find a website for the Boebel Bratwurst B&B). He may be on to something—it seems he's not alone in his sausage fixation: "In the first four months, I have people from China, Japan, Nigeria, France, Italy, Sweden [and] Spain." Granted those people probably aren't vegetarian, but carnivores looking for an unusual travel site might have a new German destination.