Sandi Toksvig Is Leaving The Great British Bake Off

After three years, Sandi Toksvig is leaving The Great British Baking Show (also known as The Great British Bake Off, depending on what side of the pond you're on). Unlike previous exits on this show, there's no drama surrounding this decision; while Toksvig is leaving to pursue other creative opportunities, she is a genuine polymath who has written novels and plays, founded a political party, and presents the quiz show QI on the BBC. Her new project, as reported by The Guardian, will be a show called The Write Offs, in which illiterate adults take part in a spelling bee.

There's plenty of speculation around who will be replacing Toksvig; seeing as how the show's producers still refuse to acknowledge my marginally internet famous recaps, I'm assuming that I—the best, most qualified person for the position—am not being considered. Some names being tossed around are season five winner Nadiya Hussain and The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice host Jo Brand, but if someone who isn't me needs to become Noel Fielding's new co-host, there's only one person I care to see hired: