This NJ Ice Cream Shop Has Gone To The Dogs

My beagle, Archie, is usually pretty well-behaved, but give him access to treats and all hell breaks loose. For example: the manager of a nearby diner gave him a few bacon bits on a recent lunchtime walk. The next day, Archie wriggled out of his harness, sprinted to the diner in the nude, and sat politely by the door to wait for bacon (until I caught up with him and hauled him away). If your dog can maintain their composure better than Archie, you might want to pay a visit to Salty Paws, a new doggie ice cream bar and bakery that claims to be the first of its kind in New Jersey.

Jersey news outlet reports that the Stone Harbor, New Jersey, shop is actually the third location of a Delaware-based franchise, founded by Pennsylvania resident Suzanne Tretowicz. Regardless, it's still a new concept: an ice cream shop that's entirely for dogs. The Stone Harbor location features a variety of non-dairy, dog-friendly ice cream flavors like banana and bacon, with toppings like dehydrated chicken, liver, and sweet potato. Prices range from $4.99 for one scoop to $6.99 for three scoops with $1 per topping.

The Salty Paws bakery section also offers cookies and doughnuts, which are all made with human-grade ingredients. And while humans can eat the baked goods, they're sugar-free and made of a peanut butter/chicken base, so you're probably better off leaving them for the pooches. Finally, the "chocolate" baked goods are actually made of carob, which we all know tastes like a wrestling mat. Still, that doesn't deter the four-legged, tail-wagging customers who line up at Salty Paws. Just don't tell Archie. I don't need him escaping and hitchhiking his little beagle butt all the way to the east coast.