36% Of Americans Would Eat Salsa Mixed With Ranch Dressing

2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg knows this is going to sound weird. But where he's from—South Bend, Indiana—there's a small chain of Mexican restaurants called Hacienda known for both its salsa and its ranch, and sometimes customers' DIY combo of salsa-ranch. So when a reporter from the Los Angeles Times asked the candidate whether he, too, mixes the two dipping sauces, Buttigieg said he's "not above" dipping a tortilla chip in there.

Responses, obviously, were mixed. Vacillating opinions on Twitter are but a small Petri dish; what does America truly think on this issue? Thankfully, polling company YouGov was on it last night.

Today, it reports the results of its survey of 1,416 nationally representative Americans, finding that 36% of respondents would try the salsa-ranch combo, while 47% would not. The most disturbing portion of the survey, though, is the 17% of people who "don't know" whether they'd eat salsa mixed with ranch dressing. Don't know? They'd have to see it in front of them to make that call?

Drilling down further: 20% of survey respondents indicate they'd eaten this combo before. A full one in five? Amazing. If you're one of these 20%, please share your salsa-ranch feelings, experiences, and future plans in the comments.