Ryan Reynolds Continues To Be Charming

Thanks to his ownership stake in Aviation Gin, Ryan Reynolds doesn't need to wait until he has a movie to plug to remind us how funny, handsome, and charming he is. This is a man who understands the way to women's hearts, like when he rescued the tortured Peloton wife from her patriarchal prison, or like last week, when he helped Arlene Manko— born on February 29, 1936—celebrate her first "legal" drink.

"I was technically 5 years old when I got married," says Manko in an absolutely charming ad that Reynolds posted to his Twitter and Instagram accounts on Friday, right before Manko's big day. "I had seven kids in 10 years—do you think sometimes I didn't want a drink?" We won't spoil any more of the ad for you, because you absolutely need to see it for yourself:

While Manko might have gotten the star treatment, she's not the only octogenarian Aviation Gin is hoping to party with. As per a press release, any person who was born on February 29, 1936 is invited to email Mr. Reynolds at Ryan@aviationgin.com to receive a gift card for a free bottle of gin.