Last Call: We Salute The Robin Hood Of McNuggets

What praise can we possibly heap upon Cody Bondarchuk that the internet hasn't already? It might be easier to show rather than tell.

On November 15, Bondarchuk tweeted a tweet. The tweet was thus:

There's no way to fact-check this claim, but no one seemed too concerned about that. The tweet caught fire almost immediately, capturing Twitter's collective attention, imagination, and awe. Bondarchuk, inspiration to us all, was bestowed monikers like "the Robin Hood of nugz" and "everyday hero" by thousands of strangers, and as of this writing, the tweet has been favorited more than 900,000 times.

INSIDER snagged an interview with Bondarchuk, who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, and worked at McDonald's between 2007 and 2009. His explanation for the superfluous nugs is as simple as it is beautiful: "You often hear stories about people missing a nugget or a thing of fries or sauce packs, so my coworkers and I wanted to do something to make people smile."

As Yahoo News points out, one of the best things about this viral tweet has been the avalanche of related stories that other former fast food employees have shared about small kindnesses they've slipped to their customers. To thank them all for these random acts of fried-ness, surely we can each find some way to pay it forward. As the saying goes, be the 11th McNugget you wish to see in the world.