Rihanna's Glass-Stealing Method Seems To Work Work Work Work Work

When Rihanna and the rest of the eight of Ocean's Eight were out promoting their heist movie, they stopped by The Graham Norton Show. He, that scamp, asked Rihanna about her tendency to steal glasses from clubs, hotels, fashion shows, and the like. She said she... returns them?

We at The Takeout have little to add, except to say that we find the whole thing very charming, particularly the "sorry mom" at the end there. (H/T Wine Spectator.)

Oh, actually, there is one more thing. From last month:

This... prompted a minutes-long discussion in the Takeout's morning staff call about how famous and/or beloved you have to be to steal dishware from a restaurant and come out of it without looking like a total jag. Our general consensus was that you have to be really famous and at least somewhat beloved, or marginally famous but seriously beloved.

Rihanna can steal glasses (or ice cream dishes). Vin Diesel still cannot.