Restaurant Apologizes For Telling Woman She Couldn't Open Baby Food

In another case of restaurant miscommunication that's blown up on social media: The Dayton Daily News reports a woman named Whitney Hague and her family abruptly left the popular Vandalia, Ohio restaurant Bunkers Sports Bar And Grill after a conversation with a manager. A relative of Hague's was about to open up a container of Gerber's Mac And Cheese to feed her baby, when the restaurant manager came over and said that if they opened the container, they would have to leave, due to a policy against outside food. Seems like the manager should have realized that the policy should not apply to babies, who lack the dental power to tackle rib tips and chicken wings. Embarrassed, the family just left. Hague then called the restaurant when she got home, talked to the same manager, and got the same response. Next stop: Facebook.

In the since-deleted Facebook post, Hague relayed the incident and received a multitude of responses, some pro-baby-food-in-restaurants and many praising Bunkers as a family-friendly place. Proving the latter, Bunkers called Hague and apologized. According to the Daily News, co-owner Leann Kreusch-McLaughlin stated that "Their 'common sense' no outside food or drink policy was in response to adults and teenagers bringing outside food into the restaurant. It was never intended to relate to babies, she said. She sent a memo on the subject to her employees, outlining examples of exceptions to the rule."

For her part, Hague has had many previous pleasant experiences at Bunkers before this one, and predicts, "I am sure my family will be back there."