We Are All The Restaurant Employee Spilling 22 Quarts Of Ranch Dressing

Fortunately, cell phone cameras weren't around to capture my multitude of spills and catastrophes when I was a teen restaurant worker, like the time I slipped on a wet floor, dropped my bus tub, and landed right on all the broken dishes: five stitches! That incident was slightly more traumatic than the one making the rounds this week, in which a young woman drops 22 quarts of ranch dressing in the kitchen at her work, and a lot of it explodes in her face:


The young woman's co-worker, naturally, posted the whole thing on Twitter, where it has received a multitude of views. The admittedly hilarious video also has inspired other people to post their own food-service work disasters in solidarity. Many are spills, sometimes involving poor unsuspecting customers:

Some are just falls, caught on security cameras:


And some involve some sort of freak destructive accident.

From this outpouring of experiences, we learn two things: One: Those kitchen floors are extremely slippery, please be careful, food-service workers! Invest in rubber-soled shoes! And two, let us all bow down to the patron saint of workplace spills: Kevin from The Office.