Restaurant Closes After Video Shows Rat Cooking On Grill

This is just not the story to get us all back in the swing of things after the long holiday weekend, y'know? Nevertheless, a Teddy's Bigger Burgers in Mapunapuna, Hawaii has closed down for a few days after a clueless teen apparently decided to throw a rat on the grill (dumb), video it (idiotic), and put it on Snapchat (what did they think was going to happen?)

Unsurprisingly, the company soon found out about the hideous incident, fired the employee (hooray), and released the following statement, according to Hawaii News Now: "We are horrified that a former teenage employee would conduct themselves in that way and make such a video of which we are investigating its authenticity." True, maybe the rat in question was a rubber rat or something similar, which we guess would be slightly preferable?

If you're really interested in checking it out for yourself, here's the video, which is upsetting and terrible.

At any rate, the Teddy's location then closed for a few days, announcing via a sign in the window saying that it shut its doors in order to conduct a thorough cleaning. Corporate will then conduct an audit of the establishment to make sure that it is ready to re-open. The Department Of Health has declined to investigate, saying in a statement that the "DOH appreciates the remedial and proactive efforts undertaken by the restaurant owner to protect public health," so hopefully the branch can lure its customers back post-cleaning.

Is it Friday yet?