Restaurant Accidentally Serves Hash Cake To Funeral Party

What's the German word for a story that's so unfortunate but so understandable that you can only emit a pained "oh noooo" (or "ach nein")?

The Associated Press reports that several funeral-goers in Wiethagen, Germany, were hospitalized after unknowingly eating what turned out to be hash cake at their post-funeral meal. The August incident occurred when a restaurant employee, who brought the cake from home to serve to the group, unwittingly grabbed a different, much more potent cake from the freezer that her 18-year-old daughter had baked "for a different occasion." The mistake caused nausea and dizziness in several of the diners, 13 of whom needed medical treatment. While the 18-year-old is under investigation, the story hasn't been made public until now out of respect for the mourners.

Sometimes a news story is memorable for all the details it doesn't contain. We can only imagine the surreality of this scene as it played out and wonder who put the pieces together, and how quickly. Suffice it to say that this is a cautionary tale about the importance of clearly labeling your food.