Respectful Scamp Harry Styles Sends Vegan Cream Pie Into Opening Act's Face

That charming little rascal Harry Styles ended the European leg of his tour by issuing a gracious thank-you to his opening act, Mabel McVey. Because he's such a delightful imp, the Irish Sun reports, his gratitude took the form of a cream pie and some silly string. Hijinks!

But we're burying the lede, here: This story is not about an adorable British mischief-makers landing a pie straight on McVey's kisser. This story is about a delightful rapscallion smothering the vegan singer with a vegan cream pie.

Let's be clear: there are aspects of this story that do not flatter this well-coiffed hellion. Of particular note is the fact that McVey is clearly mid-song and thus has to continue the number with non-dairy products all over her face and hair. The prank also involved silly string, which is a devil substance that's gross and greasy. All marks against that roguish lad.

But let's give it up for the youths of today, shall we? Even when they're scalawags, they're considerate scalawags. One assumes that when Styles later decides to egg McVey's car, he'll do so with egg substitute, and when he calls to ask if her refrigerator's running, he'll then tell her she had better go catch it if she feels so inclined, because it's her choice and he would never dare tell her how to live her life.