Report: No Shit, Women In Hospitality Earn Less Than Men Do

The 2017 Restaurant Management Salary Survey Report released by Gecko Hospitality this week is here with the infuriating news we already knew: Men make considerably more than women in the same restaurant jobs.

Nation's Restaurant News reported the findings:

  • Across all positions, men were paid an average of $4,728 annually more than women.
  • When it came to hourly pay, men on average start at $13.29 per hour and women on average at $12.53.
  • The only role in which women are paid, on average, higher than men is the job of district or multi-unit manager, though it's unclear why.
  • Of employees who move to a new company to accept a managerial position, 37 percent of women saw a salary increase, compared with 31 percent of men. This may indicate companies' push to attract women to managerial roles.
  • For a breakdown of the salary disparities by role (sous chef, general manager, kitchen manager), read the report at Nation's Restaurant News.