Rejoice, Indiana, For Alcohol Soon Will Floweth Through Your State On Sundays

Indiana's ban on Sunday retail alcohol sales has put a crimp in football parties and post-church bacchanals for decades. While Indiana residents can purchase a pint from their local watering hole any day of the week, an archaic state law currently prohibits the sales of bottled or canned beer at retail locations on Sunday. But lo, the Sabbath drought is nigh over, as Governor Eric Holcomb announced he will hold a ceremony on February 28 to sign SEA 1, allowing Sunday carryout alcohol sales for the first time in Hoosier history.

Which types of stores—grocery, convenience, etc.—can allow Sunday sales and cold-beer sales has been a topic of debate and negotiation in the state for a while now. Under SEA 1, which Governor Holcomb is set to sign into law, package liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, or drug stores as well as restaurants that satisfy the requirements to sell carryout will be permitted to sell the fine people of Indiana (Mike Pence excepted) alcohol between noon and 8 p.m. on The Lord's Day.

Can we get an amen?