Colorado Brewery Employs Reindeer Delivery Squad

Not all beer is primed for reindeer delivery, but all reindeer are primed to deliver beer. At least, that seems to be the case given a festive new marketing scheme from Colorado's Breckenridge Brewery: reindeer beer delivery. Rein-beer, if you will.

According to the brewery, 10 lucky Colorado residents will have a minikeg of Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale delivered right to their door by a fleet of Santa's booziest mammals. "When the beer is delivered, recipients can feed and pet the reindeer as a festive way to de-stress," the brewery writes. "Who doesn't need some delicious beer and holiday cheer?" It's a partnership with Colorado reindeer ranch Moon Deer Ranch, and it appears to be an attempt to spread cheer during what the brewery calls "an unusual holiday season." Winners will also receive Christmas Ale merch including a T-shirt, beanie, and extra 12-packs. All crucial ingredients for quarantined merrymaking, methinks.

The promotion is unfortunately only open to Colorado residents. (These reindeer can't fly... YET.) If that's you, you can enter the sweepstakes on the brand's website from now until December 2. The brewery will fire up the reindeer and deliver prize packages on December 5 and 6. As Food & Wine points out, reindeer beer deliveries aren't necessarily a new thing: in 2015, England's Box Steam Brewery delivered its beer to pubs via reindeer-pulled sleigh. But as far as I can tell, Breckenridge Brewery may be the first American brewery to initiate residential rein-beer delivery. And isn't convenient booze access what the holidays are all about?