Well Well Well, Reese's Could Have Been Producing 3-Pack Peanut Butter Cups All Along

Reese's is messing with us. The candy brand announced Reese's Thins last monthwho on earth wants less Reese's?—but quickly reversed course this week to give people what they actually want: more Reese's. See, Hershey's Company, it's not that difficult. But the limited-time promotional three-packs beg the question—why can't we just have three-pack Reese's all the time? I was content with two cups... until I realized there could be more. My mind boggles.

USA Today brings us news of these more-Reese's packs, which contain three rather than the standard two peanut butter cups. It's a promotion tied to March Madness basketball brackets, in which the company notes three-seed teams have only a 3 percent chance of winning the tournament. This fact blew my mind, and I attempted to crunch some numbers this morning before realizing that actually, I care way more about peanut butter cups than college basketball. So, back to the Reese's: Yesterday, Hershey's gave away 70,000 free three-packs at the three-seed colleges, which are Purdue University, Louisiana State University, the University of Houston and Texas Tech University.

Even if you don't attend one of those schools, you have a chance to win a free three-pack by texting REESES to 604333. You'll then receive a code, which you can enter online for a chance to win. The three-cup packages will not be sold in stores, which is ridiculous, because if Reese's has the capability to give us more Reese's in a pack, they should. It would go a long way toward making amends for those stupid Thins.