Reese's Apologizes For Peanut-Butter-Less Cup By Showering Man With Candy

Imagine the joy of finally sitting down to enjoy a well-deserved snack: your favorite, a Reese's peanut-butter cup. You take a bite... but something seems off. What could it be? You look at your candy and realize, with horror, that it's all chocolate, no peanut butter. Your peanut-butter cup is just a cup.

Insider notes today that this actually happened to Iowan Alex Hentges, also known as Reddit user alexbchillin. He actually pulled a cup from a bag of candy, noticed that it didn't seem as squishy as usual, and broke it in half to discover the peanut-butter void. He then posted a picture of the confounding candy on reddit, where it quickly went viral. It also garnered about 2,000 comments, calling it a "crime against humanity" and "the saddest thing I've ever seen."

Reese's soon got wind of the candy tragedy, and as Hentges told his followers on Reddit, the company started sending him coupons. But apparently that was just a buildup for the motherlode of peanut-butter-chocolate heaven that was about to arrive: "dozens of boxes of free candy, along with a handwritten note from Reese's, expressing the hope that the gift contained 'enough chocolate AND peanut butter to make everything cool.'"

Now Reese's fans on Reddit as well as Twitter are claiming that what at first appeared to be a snack disaster actually turned out to be a golden ticket for this peanut-butter-and-chocolate fan. Hey, it's Friday, and it's been a long week, okay? We could all use a feel-good. And a peanut-butter cup.