Red Sox Players Reportedly Left The Takeout Staff's Collective Salary As Tip

Of course we take TMZ headlines with a grain of salt, but we're really hoping this one is true: Boston Red Sox players reportedly left a $195,000 tip on a roughly $300,000 nightclub bill after celebrating the team's World Series win last weekend. TMZ says it's seen the receipt and can verify the whopper of a gratuity.



The cost of a modest home in a modest city.

The cost of a 2017 Bentley Continental.

The cost of a medical student's loans.

The collective salaries of the staff of one of your favorite food websites, perhaps.

It's exorbitant, to be sure, but that's one of the perks of being a World Series-winning team, right? You get to share the wealth a little?

Oh, and the $300,000 tab reportedly comprised 169 bottles of extremely expensive champagne, plus tequila, vodka, 11 bottles of Jameson, and 17 bottles of Jack Daniels.

Frankly, it sounds like those nightclub servers schlepped enough booze to earn that $195,000.