Recreational Weed Farmers' Market Debuts In Vegas, Of Course

Grab your burlap tote, your floppy hat, and some cash from the ATM, because weed farmers' markets have arrived. All right, so far it's just the one, but Las Vegas has welcomed Acres Cannabis, a dispensary that plays host to what the New York Post calls "the world's first marijuana farmers' market" for recreational pot (though, the Post notes, a medical marijuana market in Seattle has been doing the thing since 2010).

Set the scene, NYP!

You enter it not through a parking lot or city street, but through a concrete tunnel with a low ceiling, designed to simulate the underground chambers through which smugglers bring contraband marijuana from northern Mexico to southern California.

And when you finally emerge, you won't find heirloom tomatoes, but marijuana.

The market, which first welcomed visitors April 20—hmm, solid choice—is home to nine merchants, all of whom grow their own marijuana. So, presumably you could ask them the same annoying questions you'd ask at the veggie farmers' market: "Is this organic?" "How do I prepare this?" "Am I going to get completely baked off my face?"

CEO John Mueller tells the Post that he welcomes additional vendors, adding, "We feel like Switzerland... This is still a small industry and we are all working together. In marijuana, friendships seem to last longer than they do in other industries."

Patrons can expect to find edibles, oils, and plain old weed, as well as "pre-rolled joints coated with hash oil." It sounds pretty cool, but we'll wait on the day that you can get both a pot gummy and some heirloom tomatoes, all at once.