Recreate The Mojito Caballito From Havana's Legendary Sloppy Joe's

Sloppy Joe's is the legendary Havana bar frequented by leading men and starlets during and after the Prohibition era. Mojito Caballito, one of four variations of the mojito served here, uses dry vermouth. It's named "Caballito" because the long strip of lime peel hanging off the glass resembles the neck of a little horse.


Watch Paul McGee, bartender of Chicago's Lost Lake tiki bar, show us how in the video above.

Mojito Caballito

2 oz. light rum6 large mint leaves2 lime wedges½ tablespoon white granulated sugar½ tablespoon demerara sugar1 oz. Topo Chico, or any super fizzy mineral water.5 oz. fresh lime juice.5 oz. dry vermouth


Add mint leaves, lime wedges, sugar mixture, lime juice, and mineral water in tall glass. Lightly muddle. Add crushed ice, rum, and vermouth. Swizzle to mix. Add more crushed ice. Top with mint bouquet and a long strip of lime peel.