Last Call: Here's The Half-Ton Green Bean Casserole No One Asked For

We're not used to seeing food measured by tonnage or by its equivalence to the volume of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Nor were we entirely prepared to confront the spectacle of such a vat filled with the world's largest green bean casserole, America's second-most maligned Thanksgiving food behind cranberry sauce.

But lo, for unto us this casserole was born. The 1,009-pound behemoth is part of a record-breaking stunt from Green Giant, peddler of frozen green beans and other vegetables. Yes, a scary Green Giant mascot posed alongside the gloop. He appears to be stirring the morass with either a canoe paddle or an industrial broom handle. I like green bean casserole, and even I'm put off by this photo.

There is a silver lining, however: The resulting casserole was portioned into servings and distributed to 3,000 elderly New York City residents through Citymeals on Wheels. If you'd like to scrub this image from your mind and enjoy green bean casserole in a much more manageable form, have we got the recipe for you.