Make Your Own Disney Churros And Turn Your House Into The Happiest Quarantine On Earth

We might not be able to visit the happiest place on earth right now, but what about recreating the happiest place in our own homes? Cue up "It's a Small World" on Spotify and put it on repeat. Use YouTube, cardboard boxes, and a spray bottle to make your own Splash Mountain. Drive your car around the block in circles while making choo-choo train noises. Start a barbershop quartet with your cats. Pretend you're on Space Mountain by turning off all the lights, stuffing yourself in a laundry basket, and hurling yourself down the stairs. Leave a bunch of ceramic jugs near your garbage cans to encourage local bears to start a jamboree.

When you need a break from all the excitement, head into the kitchen to make yourself some piping hot churros, just like the ones down in the Magic Kingdom. This week Disney shared the recipe for those much-beloved churros on its official parks blog because it's a kind and benevolent company that understands the kind of sunshine churros can bring to our lives. The blog doesn't provide a recipe for what is arguably Disney's most popular treat, Dole Whip, but fear not, Disney World LARPers! We here at The Takeout uncovered its secrets months ago, so you're yet another step closer to creating the full Disney experience in your very own home.