Is It Real, Or Is It Cake? New Reality Show Aims To Find Out

Josh Groban hosts Eye Candy, a new Roku show that appears eerily similar to the dreaded Twitter trend.

Humanity has experienced some low points during the last 18 months—but none so low as when we started turning things into cake. As part of a Twitter trend that began early last summer, bakers posted videos of cakes styled to look exactly like household objects. These weren't cutesy watermelon cakes like you'd see at a kid's birthday party. No, these cakes were startlingly convincing. The bakers made soap cakes. They made urn cakes. They made cakes that looked identical—identical—to greasy pepperoni pizzas. It's a cursed trend, and now it's making its way to reality television via Eye Candy, a new Roku show hosted by none other than noted angel Josh Groban.

Deadline reports that Eye Candy is based on Sokkuri Sweets, a Japanese gameshow in which celebrities try to spot desserts that look identical to household objects. Set to premiere in August on the Roku Channel, Eye Candy dares to ask: "Is it real or is it cake?"

Per Deadline, the series features teams of "celebrities and civilians" who must identify "outrageous edible creations designed to look like everyday ordinary objects." Celebrity guests include Jamie Chung, Michelle Buteau, Rachel Dratch, and Aparna Nancherla. It's unclear if contestants actually win anything; however, in the trailer above, it seems that contestants are forced to take a bite of each object after making their guess. I imagine that could lead to some pricey dental work—for example, if the guests mistake a ceramic dish for cake.

Why do we need this show? Did someone ask for this? No, but Groban seems to be having fun with it. "I first saw this show in Japan when it was called Sokkuri Sweets and was obsessed with how fun and silly it was," Groban said in a statement. "To be the ringmaster of such insanity is a dream." Here's hoping no one takes a bite out of Josh. He's 100% man.