This Ultra-Rare Cotton Candy Lobster Is A One In 100 Million Find

Haddie the lobster was caught in Maine and will be spared from being sold or cooked.

Here at The Takeout we love a rare lobster (who doesn't?!). This year alone we became enamored with Banana, the yellow lobster; we honored Freckles, the calico lobster who was saved from a Red Lobster tanks; and we tried to get to the bottom of the likely lobst-piracy that resulted in not one but two ultra-rare orange lobsters ending up in the same tank at a U.K. supermarket. Well, today we have a new crustacean to add to our ever-growing collection. May I introduce Haddie, the light blue cotton candy lobster.

Get Maine Lobster, a seafood delivery company based out of Portland, Maine, announced the rare discovery on its website, stating that this is a one in 100 million find (the most rare odds that we've reported on thus far). The lobster was caught in Casco Bay by lobsterman Bill Coppersmith, and once again we have a case of a creature's stunning beauty saving it from ending up cooked and slathered in butter.

"I'm not going to sell it. We're not going to cook it," said Get Maine Lobster CEO Mark Murrell. "This is a beautiful lobster. We want to preserve it." Haddie, who was named after Coppersmith's granddaughter (of course no one would cook it with that name!) is currently hanging out at the Get Maine Lobster wharf while folks at the company search for an aquarium that will take her in.

At this rate there is likely less and less room for rare lobsters in aquarium tanks across the country—this is the fifth one this year alone that we've reported on, and who knows how many rainbow crustaceans slipped through our cracks. So watch your backs, unique looking lobsters, this bubble's gotta burst soon. One of these days we'll grow immune to the colorful shells and be dining out on candy-colored lobster every night.