Quiche Brings Everything In The Fridge Together In Delicious Harmony

This week on What's In The House, Stephanie's got an idea for how to clean out your fridge and freezer in one fell swoop, and that's by making a no-hassle quiche. Is the Pillsbury Doughboy staring wide-eyed at you from a box of ready-made pie crust every time you open your freezer? Are you feeling guilty because you haven't found a use for all those expensive mushrooms yet? Are you just looking for a new way to satisfy your bacon craving? Quiche is the answer to any kitchen quandary.

Ideally, you've got plenty of cheese on hand to make this meal as indulgent as possible, but really, as long as you've placed creamy whisked eggs in a pie shell, you've succeeded in making a quiche. And you can eat it hot or cold, so you won't even have to microwave the leftovers.