Philly's Favorite Son Questlove Comes Out With Vegetarian Philly Cheesesteak

Questlove is a polymath—musician, teacher, television personality, author, seemingly cool-ass dude—now he's joining the club of America's newest celebrity food entrepreneur. The Philadelphia native is taking his hometown's most-famous culinary export, the cheesesteak, and coming out with a plant-based version through a collaboration with Impossible Foods. Quest's Instagram post provides all the details: It'll be sold at Philadelphia Phillies home games and at 40 LiveNation concert venues beginning this spring.

Impossible Foods is impossible to escape. We wrote about the company providing White Castle with vegetarian sliders, which we thought was fairly delicious. In January, Impossible Foods announced that it was attempting to produce a plant-based steak.

There's not much to add, beyond we'd love to hang out with Questlove, and that this dish sounds pretty delicious—when a sandwich is drenched with cheese (and is it plant-based cheese also?), you're likely not tasting a lot of beefy subtleties anyway, so a replica cheesesteak might be the perfect vehicle.

Lastly: We've seen a number of restaurants—most notably Superiority Burger in New York—present a vegetarian cheesesteak using yuba. Yuba is sometimes referred to as tofu skin, but is technically the dried film that forms atop boiled soy milk. Yuba has this property of absorbing flavors (steak seasoning?), and one of the more tasty dishes I've sampled recently is hickory-smoked yuba.