Queer Eye's Resident Food Guy Lands Sweet Cookbook Deal

Queer Eye 2.0 on Netflix is a unmitigated smash. Each member of the new Fab Five is more adorable than the next as they transform the lives of men gay and straight, helping them with everything from adding plants to their back deck to coming out of the closet to relatives.

While the Queer Eye love is strong, any ire/gentle social media ribbing has mostly been reserved for Antoni Poroswki, the food guy. He has taken some heat for adding peas to mac-and-cheese, for example, and his apparent obsession with avocados. Nevertheless, EW reports that one of TV's hottest chefs has just landed a cookbook deal with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, featuring 100 of his personal recipes.

For Porowski's part, he told EW in a previous interview that he knows he's not a master chef; he trained under the original Fab Five food master, Ted Allen, now of Chopped. "I'm very honest about my food background; I've never tried to pretend like I was a chef." But he enthuses about his food shots on Instagram, "with the food, I get to be passionate and be my nerdy ass self and just go off on the virtues of pairing bleu cheese with apricots or whatever."

He also told EW that he tries to brush off those online critiques: "I really enjoy being vulnerable and it's how I connect with other people, and part of how I do that is through food, by sharing something that I feel is very intimate and personal because it's something that I create out of nothing." We'll see how creative Antoni gets when those recipes are released next spring. And unsurprisingly, Queer Eye has already been renewed for a second season on Netflix. Can a Queer Eye line of avocado salad dressings be far behind?