Queer Eye–designed Restaurant Opens In Philly [Updated]

Update, July 13, 2020: Commenter SoftPretzels&WooderIce visited Alma Del Mar over the weekend, accompanied by a human companion and a very good dog. They ordered the lobster Benedict with Old Bay hollandaise and molletes, "an open-faced sandwich on a bolillo roll with refried beans, homemade chorizo and melty cheese," along with mango and strawberry lemonade. They enjoyed everything.

Bottom line: This was my first visit, but I'd go back to try the other dishes, like french toast or huevos rancheros. FYI We were sat immediately, but as with many weekend brunch spots, the restaurant got busier as the day went on. Service was friendly, and we saw some of the family members serving customers, although we didn't see Marcos so I can't comment on his current hat and hair situation.

Original post, July 8, 2020: If you're a fan of Queer Eye, you'll remember Marcos Tlacopilco, the hero of season 5, episode 8, "Father Knows Fish." Marcos, an immigrant from Puebla, Mexico, is the owner of Marco's Fish and Crab House in Philadelphia. Over the course of the episode, the Fab Five helped him reconcile with his estranged daughter, Jennifer, and prepare for the soft opening of his new restaurant Alma Del Mar, named after his wife.

Now Alma Del Mar is open for real. There's a mural of the Fab Five on an interior wall, but customers won't get to pretend they're sitting down to a meal with them because the restaurant, a product of the COVID era, has only outdoor seating and takeout.

Eater Philadelphia reports that "the menu at Alma del Mar mixes American breakfast and brunch standards with Mexican and seafood dishes, including the crab and corn chowder perfected on Queer Eye." [I am trying very hard here to restrain myself from saying something snarky about Antoni's "contributions." But I won't discourage others.] "On the sweet side, there's tres leches pain perdu and bacon-banana French toast. Egg dishes include a lobster Benedict with Old Bay hollandaise. Those looking for a tofu scramble will find one with refried pinto beans, avocado, and jalapeños."

It all sounds delicious and I am very hungry right now. Eater had no word on how the Tlacopilco family is doing and whether Marcos was able to maintain the haircut Jonathan gave him or if he still wears the hats he bought with Tan. But if any of our Philly readers happen to stop by, please let us know.