Purple-Glitter-Sour-Peeps Beer Is The Easter/April Fool's Day Creation No One Asked For

With this week's news that Fort Worth's Collective Brewing Project is at work on a sour beer brewed with 30 boxes of Peeps, vanilla, edible glitter, and butterfly pea flower, we can only conclude that every possible beer on earth has already been brewed and we can just stop inventing new ones.

Dallas Morning News' Guide Live reports the collaboration beer, made in conjunction with local growler shop Taps & Caps, is called Peep This Collab. (Puns have also been cancelled.)

So, to recap: Sour. Glitter. Purple. Peeps. Beer. All of these elements could individually make sense in a beer. Sour beer: Totally a thing. Glitter: Yes, a thing. Purple: Why not throw some weird coloring herbs in there, sure. Vanilla: Ho-hum. Peeps? Well, brewers have used marshmallows in beer before, so this isn't too far of a stretch, I guess. But put it all together, and it just seems like a Mad Lib of a beer recipe.

But, lest I fall out of step with what kids these days are into, I'll reserve full judgment until I taste my first purple-glitter-sour-Peep beer. With Easter and April Fools' Day coinciding this year, there's no better time to try it.